Rulomatik™ with its vending machines, becomes a 24/7 car drying towel sales organization around the world.
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Distributorship Application

Before Applying

Before you apply, you need to consider whether you have the managerial and personal skills required to run a business that employs 100 or more Rulomatik vending machines in your country, and whether you are fully prepared for at least 5 years.

In addition to requesting more information, this application is also used to purchase the new Rulomatik™ country distributor/regional dealership. Filling this form does not force the applicant to purchase a distributorship/regional dealership.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A JOB APPLICATION. Complete it completely and do not use abbreviations. Write the words clearly.

If you are ready to take responsibility and be part of Rulomatik's continued success, you are ready to become our distributor in your country.

Everything I declare in this application is correct and I understand that the Rulomatik™ Distributorship/Regional dealership will rely on the information provided by me. I have read the text on the protection and processing of personal data and within this scope, I accept the processing of my personal data for the purposes of carrying out the company's operational activities, strategy planning, management of business partners, the execution of the processes and operations touching the customer, the execution of the internal operations of the company, the execution of the legal and technical and administrative results, and the execution of the financial operations.